Melasma, also known as Chloasma, is a skin condition affecting the discoloration of skin of people with tanned or darker skin tones. It is particularly common in pregnant women, those who are taking oral or patch contraceptives and/or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) [1]. It's thought to be caused by the stimulation of melanocytes from estrogen and progesterone when the skin is exposed to sun. The incidence of melasma also increases in patients with thyroid disease [2]. Overproduction of the melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) brought on by stress can cause outbreaks and we believe there is a genetic components to it [3]. With our HYPIG formula the idea is to use green tea extract, kojic acid and milk thistle to reduce melanin synthesis and lighten the skin.

1. Use HYPIG every morning and evening on affected areas.
2. Always use a mineral-based sun block on affected areas if going into the sun.
3. Use CLNS or a gentle cleanser every evening.
4. For faster results, use an alpha hydroxy acid peel once a week, e.g. 30% Glycolic Acid - most dermatologists are moving away from stronger peels to more frequent low strength ones.

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