It's still not known what causes the different types of rosacea. Causes range from environmental trigger factors or even food [0] to small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, so even though there are no guarantees that a topical product will cure your condition, you could still get some symptom relief and an improved skin tone. Rosacea is typically a disease with mid-life onset, and is almost three times more common in women than men. Usually it begins as redness on the face, but can spread to other parts of the body [1]. When possible I would always recommend systemic treatment; eliminating potential environmental or internal factors.  One study indicates that 47% of rosacea cases have overgrowth of hydrogen positive bacteria in their small intestine [2] in comparison to 5% in the healthy population. There are also some who are hydrogen-negative, but still have overgrowth of different bacteria; these were treated successfully with metronidazole [3].


1. Exclude systemic causes by seeing a Rosacea specialist who will test for intestinal overgrowth of hydrogen positive bacteria.
2. Use CLNS, our gentle low pH cleanser every morning.
3. Apply ROSA every morning and evening after cleansing. Expect to see results within 1 month.


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